Test cases can be used for different purposes:

  • calibration - finding the best parameter values
  • verification - Did we build it right?
  • validation - Did we build the right thing?

IMO test casesEdit

The International Maritime Organization has issued "Guidelines for Evacuation Analysis".

It is a circular of the Marine Safety Committee, MSC.1/Circ.1238.

If you go to the Annex 2 on "Advanced Evacuation Analysis" you will find test cases for checking simulation software at the end.


RiMEA stands for "Guideline for Microscopic Evacuation Analysis". It is in German. There are testcases similar to the IMO cases provided in the following document

Even though the guideline is in German, you can still use the test cases concerning the geometry, scenario (e.g. exit configuration) and population.

Validation for FDS+EvacEdit

For FDS+Evac, the results for the test cases can be found at: The PDF contains the FDS input files as attachements.

Validation for PedGoEdit

For PedGo the validation cases can be found at: