Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics


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This list should be in alphabetical order. Please add guys who are active in the field. Please also provide a link to a personal site and to a list of publications. If there is an entry in wikipedia, you might also provide a link.

B Edit

Boltes, Maik

C Edit

Chraibi, Mohcine

D Edit

Daamen, Winnie

F Edit

Fruin, John

G Edit

Galea, Ed

Gwynne, Steve

H Edit

Helbing, Dirk

Hoogendoorn, Serge

K Edit

Kretz, Tobias

Kinsey, Michael

Kuligowski, Erica D

P Edit

Pauls, Jake

R Edit

Rogsch, Christian

Ronchi, Enrico

Rupprecht, Tobias

S Edit

Schadschneider, Andreas

Schreckenberg, Michael

Seyfried, Armin

Steffen, Bernhard

Still, Keith

W Edit

Winkens, Andreas

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