Open Pedestrian Simulator (OPS) is a project for simulating pedestrians and crowds, visualizing their trajectories, analysis of crowd movmement, and reporting.

Repository at SourceForgeEdit


  • TraVisTo -- Trajectories Visualization Tool
  • OPSgcfm -- Generalised Centrifugal Force Model, a continuous pedestrian simulation model
  • OPSfast -- Discrete simulation model
  • OPSed -- Geometry-Editor


Import of CAD files

You might use the PedGo-Editor to import CAD files. The editor is available from TraffGo HT as part of their demo package of the PedGo simulation suite. (in English) (in German)

The DSM uses the PG2 format to specify input files.


The Travisto Manual is available from SourceForge.

The manual for the PedGo Editor (for importing DXF/CAD files) is available at

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