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Abbreviations (for the links in the rightmost column): W: Model Website; A: Abstract; P: Scientific Paper; R: Further Reference (no www-link); AU: Authors Page;

Nr Name Person Commercial Organisation Links
1 ALLSAFE Heskestad et al. n/a   W P A
AENEAS Meyer-König et. al. Yes TraffGo HT GmbH W P
2 Aseri Schneider Yes I.S.T. GmbH W    
3 BFires Stahl   NIST     A
4 BGRAF Ozel          
5 Blue & Adler Blue No   W    
6 Brogan & Hodgins Brogan/Hodgings       P  
7 Brogan & Johnson Brogan/Johnson       P  
8 Continuum Crowds Treuille et al.       P  
9 Cost Function Model Hoogendoorn     W P  
10 Dijkstra et al Dijkstra     W P  
11 E-Scape Reisser-Weston         R
12 EESCAPE Kendik     W    
13 Egress Ketchel     TS    
14 Evacnet4   Freeware   W P  
15 EvacSim Poon         A
16 Evi Vassalos Yes Strathclyde University W    
17 Exit89 Fahy       P  
18 EXITT Levin          
19 Exodus Galea et al. Yes U Greenwich W    
20 F.A.S.T. Kretz No     P  
21 FDS+Evac VTT     W    
22 Firescap Feinberg & Norris         A
23 Flowtech   Yes SITIS Ltd W    
24 FPETool NIST       P  
25 Fridman & Kaminka Fridman     W P  
26 Funge et al. Funge       P  
27 Gridflow and CRISP       W    
28 Group Psychology Model Katuhara et al.          
29 Helios Majumder     W    
30 Lamarche & Donikian Lamarche          
31 Legion Kagarlis Yes Legion Ltd. W    
32 Magnetic Model Okazaki & Matsushita     W    
33 MASCM Murakami et al          
34 Massive Software Regelous Yes Massive W    
34a MATSim Nagel et al. Opensource TU Berlin W    
35 Micro PedSim Teknomo Freeware Revoledu W



36 Musse & Thalmann Musse     P    
37 Myriad/VeGas Still Yes Crowddynamics W    
38 Nomad Hoogendoorn     W    
39 Ohi et al. Ohi          
40 Pathfinder Yes Thunderhead Engineering W    
41 Paxport   Yes   W    
42 PEDFLOW Kerridge & McNair          
43 PedGo/Aeneas Klüpfel & Meyer-König Yes TraffGo HT GmbH W    
43a pedsim Gloor Opensource W    
44 Pelechano et al. Pelechano     P    
45 Schadschneider Schadschneider     W    
46 Schultz et al. Schultz          
47 SGEM Do et al.     P    
48 Shao & Terzopoulos Shao     P    
49 SimPed Daamen/Hoogendoorn     W    
50 Simulex Thompson     W    
51 Simwalk Stucki & Schmid Yes Savannah Simulations W    
52 Social Distances Model Was et al. No AGH University of Science and Technology P AU  
53 Social Force Mode Helbing Yes PTV AG W    
54 STEPS Hoffmann & Henson     W    
55 Sugiyama et al. Sugiyama          
56 Sung et al. Sung          
57 Swarm Information Model Henein & White     P    
58 Takahashi et al. Takahashi          
59 TIMTEX Harrington          
60 TSEA Salisbury     W    
61 WayOut Shestopal & Grubits     W    
62 Yamamoto et al. Yamamoto     P    

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